p u n c h  b i l l  g a t e s

Okay, so it's a stupid browser trick (and if you're using Netscape 2.0 or MS Internet Explorer 2.0, you're probably wondering "What's the point?" Get Netscape 3.0 or MSIE3.0 and find out!)... In case you're curious, the code for this page was unscruplously lifted from the JavaScript tip of the day page for June 24th. The fist came from ID's Doom. For more stupid stuff, why not visit my homepage? It couldn't hurt...

Disclaimer: Of course no one wishes any actual harm to come to the billionaire boy wonder - this page is IN NO WAY meant to encourage violence of any kind against Mr. Gates, Microsoft, PC users, residents of Redmond, Washington, iguanas, trumpet players, 104-key keyboard assemblers, deodorant users, Sherpas, or alpacas. This page is meant entirely in jest; no alpacas were harmed in any way during the production of this page. 

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